CO150 Fall 2007 Common Syllabus Readings

The following articles are assigned in the syllabus. A few alternatives are included, as well.

Waters, Alice, ed. "One Thing to Do About Food." The Nation 11 Sept. 2006.

Pollan, Michael. "An Animal's Place." New York Times 10 Nov. 2002.

---. "Cattle Futures." New York Times 11 Jan. 2004.

---."Mass Natural. New York Times 4 June 2006.

---. "Our National Eating Disorder." New York Times 17 Oct. 2004.

---. "Power Steer." New York Times 31 March 2002.

---. "The (Agri)Cultural Contradictions of Obesity." New York Times 12 Oct. 2003.

---. "The Futures of Food." New York Times 4 May 2003.

---. "The Modern Hunter-Gatherer." New York Times 26 March 2006.

---. "The Vegetable Industrial Complex." New York Times 15 Oct. 2006.

---. "Unhappy Meals." New York Times 28 Jan. 2007.

---. "You are What You Grow" New York Times 22 April 2007.

Accessing Articles

Web. All of the articles by Michael Pollan are posted in full on his web site: There is no "printer friendly" or "text-only" option on the site, but the articles, but the articles do include the cover art from New York Times magazine issue in which they appeared.

eReserve. All above articles can be placed on eReserve in the library. Because they are all available in library databases, you can quickly and easily put them on reserve at your computer. Access for students is quite simple.

Library Databases. You and/or your students can easily retrieve all the articles from the Morgan Library site, using either the Citation Linker or directly from Lexis-Nexis or Academic Search Premier. You can assign students to retrieve the articles themselves. [handouts with directions for databases forthcoming from library]

Writing Studio File Folder. We have a preliminary assurance from the library that because your class's Writing Studio site is password protected, you may save articles you've retrieved from databases to the File Folder without violating fair use. Students can then download them from there in either PDF or Word format.