Phase 1 Lesson Plan Template

Phase 1 Lesson Plan Template
Below we have described the format we have followed in writing lesson plans for this syllabus. As the semester progresses and you take more ownership of your class you'll probably find ways of altering this template. We encourage you to do that when you feel comfortable--from the very start, you should customize the lesson plans in this syllabus so that the design is readable for you during class and so that you have conceptualized the lesson from start to finish.

Lesson Objectives
This is the overview of what you want to accomplish for the class session, i.e., what students should know or be able to do as a result.

Connection to Course Goals
Here, we've articulated the ways in which the class activities help lead us to accomplishing course goals. It's easy to overlook this step in favor of getting to the "to-do" list of activities, but taking time to articulate the connection to course goals can help you refine your plans, transition between activities, make decisions on the spot, and feel more confident in knowing why you are teaching what you're teaching.

Connection to Students’ Own Writing (CSOW)
In this section, we have explained the ways in which the class session is designed to be relevant to student writing. Students appreciate how CO150 class time always contributes (in some way) to a graded writing assignment.

Here we've explained the things you'll probably need to do to prepare for class.

Here are the things you'll need to have with you in class. We've left the everyday stuff (like chalk or markers, attendance sheet, etc.) off.

In this section, we discuss the ways in which the previous class session(s) and students' homework have set up today's class.

This is the list of things you'll do in class, including handouts, text for overhead transparencies, homework, and more. For the first few weeks we've included introductions, transitions, and conclusions in each lesson plan to guide new teachers. Soon you'll get used to that "scaffolding" enough that you'll write your own.

Connection to Next Class
Here we've shown some of the ways in which the lesson leads into the next.