Thursday, September 21st

Day 10 - Thursday, September 21st

If you haven't already scheduled a library session for Portfolio II, be sure to do so today. You should plan to schedule the library visit shortly after you assign Portfolio II. We suggest taking students to the library on Tuesday, Sept. 26 or Thursday, Sept. 28. To set up a library session contact Sari at: or 491 - 6952.

Lesson Objectives

To review criteria for workshop procedures and to provide an opportunity for students to give and receive comments on their essays. Also, to draw up a revision plan for P1B.

Connection to Course Goals

As explained with the last workshop, these sessions encourage students to see their writing as a process by promoting critical thinking and revision. Also, gaining feedback from peers helps remind students to keep their audience in mind while writing. Drawing up a revision plan will help ensure that students actually think about and integrate the feedback they receive.

Review Workshop Criteria (5 - 10 minutes)

Take a few minutes to remind students of the criteria for workshop (those developed during the last workshop). For example, they should be honest, specific, and thorough with their comments. Since you will have already collected their comments from the last workshop (with P1A) you might share some effective student comments you came across. Put these on an overhead and ask students to explain why these comments are so effective. If you choose to, you may also tell students that you will evaluate workshop comments (counted as homework or part of the portfolio grade). This will be more work for you but will also ensure that students put more thought and effort into their commenting.

Conduct Workshop (45 minutes)

Draw Up a Revision Plan (5 - 10 minutes)

After students have had a few minutes to read their feedback, ask them to draw up an informal revision plan. Based on the comments they received, what do they most need to work on before Portfolio I - Part B is due?

Review P1B Materials (2 minutes)

On an overhead or on the board, review the materials that you will collect for the portfolio. You should also list materials on the Writing Studio for later reference, and for students who've missed class.

Return P1A (5 minutes)

Before passing back the first Portfolio, make students aware of any policies you have toward discussing grades and revising papers. For example, some of us have a 24-hour policy (our students can come and discuss their papers with us only after they've taken time to carefully look over our comments - 24 hours later). You might also remind students that in college it is far less likely that they'll receive as high of marks as they did in high school. This is simply because the standard is typically higher here. Finally, explain that the feedback/suggestions students receive on this portfolio are applicable to the following portfolios (including the one due on Tuesday). Mention any other points/policies you feel are important.

Conclude Class (2 minutes)

Develop a conclusion for today's class. You might:


  1. Revise your P1B paper.
  2. Organize your portfolio and prepare to submit it.
  3. Print off the sample Inquiry Essay and bring it to class.