A Note on Planning Lessons for Portfolio 3

The beginning of Portfolio 3 marks a new stage in your lesson planning. You are now responsible for creating and sequencing nearly all activities to accomplish course goals. While we do provide some weekly suggestions and ideas (and you may consult the Activity Bank in the Teaching Resources section of the Writing Studio for other ideas), most of the development and implementation of these activities is up to you. We encourage you to integrate the Prentice Hall Guide as well as the Writing Studio into your lesson planning.

As we've modeled in the syllabus thus far, you should continue to write introductions and conclusion for your lessons. You should also incorporate clear transitions between activities so that students understand the rational for how you structure each lesson. Finally, the development of your daily lesson plans should be guided by an overall purpose. We recommend that you include this objective or goal at the top of your lesson plan. You might write: "Today, our goal is to..."

As you develop each daily lesson, consider what your purpose or goal for the lesson is and which activities you can incorporate to meet that purpose. Also, consider how you should sequence these activities. As a general rule, it's effective to present course material in this sequence: 1.) Explain the concept or material to students. 2.) Model the concept or material for students. 3.) Have students practice the concept or material by applying it to their own writing (ideally to the writing they do for each major assignment).

If you need assistance developing lesson plans for this final unit, feel free to talk with Steve, Kate, Mike or one of the lecturers. We would be happy to assist you.