CO150 Portfolio Two, Part B: Illustrating Your Process of Inquiry

Overview: An Inquiry Essay differs from other traditional academic essays. Its purpose is not to argue for a specific idea. Rather, an Inquiry Essay illustrates your research and thinking process so that readers can see how you came to discover your position on an issue. Since it tends to focus more on your thinking process and less on developing a response, this essay will differ in style and form from our previous essays. It will not begin with a thesis claim that you seek to prove. Instead, your Inquiry Essay will start with a discussion of your research interest. It will explain why you chose this issue and what your position was before you researched it. Then, your essay will trace your inquiry process by summarizing and responding to at least three of the most influential articles you encountered during your research. At the end of your Inquiry Essay, you will explain where you currently stand on the issue by stating the claim you are likely to argue in Portfolio 3.

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to illustrate how you came to discover the position you hope to argue for in Portfolio 3.

Audience: Your audience for this essay is yourself, your instructor and your peers.

Requirements: Your Inquiry Essay should:

Length: A thorough Inquiry Essay will likely be 5-6 pages in length.
Worth: 20% of your overall course grade
Due Date: See Syllabus for due dates for TR and MWF