C0CC150: Portfolio I - Part B

Summarizing an Article and Analyzing its Effectiveness

Purpose: Your purpose for writing this essay will be to represent evaluate the effectiveness of a writer's argument. To prepare for this essay, we will read several articles about a current issue. Then, we will examine the purpose, content, tone, organization and evidence for each article to determine whether it is effective for its target audience. You will choose one of the articles we've read to summarize, analyze, and evaluate.

Audience: Your audience is yourself, your instructor and your classmates. Although your readers are familiar with the text you've chosen, you should thoroughly represent the writer's main points and provide textual evidence throughout.

Requirements: Paper Length: 900 - 1,200 words (3 - 4 pages)
Due Date:See Syllabus for due dates for TR and MWF
Worth: 15% of your final grade

*For assistance with this essay, visit The Writing Center (in Eddy 6) or come by office hours.