Friday, October 20th

Day 26 - Friday, October 20th

Lesson Objectives

To review criteria for workshop procedures and to provide an opportunity for students to give and receive comments on their essays. Also, to draw up a revision plan for P2B.

Connection to Course Goals

As explained in the previous workshops, these sessions encourage students to see their writing as a process by promoting critical thinking and revision. Also, gaining feedback from peers helps remind students to keep their audience in mind while writing. Drawing up a revision plan will help ensure that students actually think about and integrate the feedback they receive.

Note to GTAs: If you did not use two class sessions for conferences, you may wish to spread the Inquiry Essay workshop over two days.

Conduct Workshop (45 minutes)

Draw Up a Revision Plan (5 minutes)

After students have had a few minutes to read their feedback, ask them to draw up an informal revision plan. Based on the comments they received, what do they most need to work on before P2B is due?

Review P2B Materials & Conclude Class (2 minutes)

On an overhead or on the board, review the materials that you will collect for the portfolio. You should also list materials on the Writing Studio for later reference, and for students who've missed class.


  1. Revise your P2B paper.
  2. Organize your portfolio and prepare to submit it.
  3. Print off the P3 assignment sheet and bring it to class.