Friday, September 29th

Day 17 - Friday, September 29th

Library Day

Take your class to Morgan Library today. If you were unable to schedule an appointment for today, you should take students to the library day Wednesday of this week (Day 16) or, at the latest, on Monday of next week (Day 18). If you are not going to the library today, use this class period to catch up with course material; or move on to the next lesson in the syllabus.

Homework (for Monday):

  1. Find 2 more articles to read from our designated list of publications or by searching the databases discussed in today's library session.
  2. Print off and read the articles. Then, annotate them by addressing the following: Briefly summarize the article. What issue does the article address? How or why is this issue debatable? What is the article's purpose? What are its main points? Then, explain why the article interests you and whether you agree or disagree with its main points.
  3. Print off the sample Inquiry Essay and bring it to class.