Week Two - Wednesday, August 31st

Wednesday, August 31:  Daily Class Outline

Lesson Objectives

To reflect on writing summaries and gain feedback for revision; and to introduce and practice writing an academic response.

Connection to Course Goals

Reflecting on summaries and gaining feedback through peer review encourages students to revise their writing (a central goal of CO150). Introducing response is important for the thematic aims of this course because it allows students to invest their own ideas on issues of public importance.

Attendance and Logistics (3 - 5 minutes)

Take roll. This may be the last day that new students are adding your class. Make sure that any new students have a copy of the Class Policy Statement and any other class materials.

Review Key Goals for Academic Summary and Types of Response (10 Minutes)

Review the key features of summary and the types of responses you discussed in the previous two classes. Encourage students to check their notes and ask about any questions they have about terminology or concepts.

Discuss "Ban of Brothers" (15 minutes)

The goal of this discussion should be to see how students reacted to Denizet-Lewis' article and to see if they understood his purpose and the main ideas.

Some Questions you might ask (in any order you choose):

Transition: Develop a transition here.

Conduct a Write to Learn (10 minutes)

Have students write a practice agree/disagree response to Denizet-Lewis' article. Ask them to respond specifically to his argument. You might ask them to respond to the argument in terms of how it was articulated in class. Or, you could put his argument on an overhead: (Lewis argues that dry fraternities may not be the best solution to the problem of alcohol consumption. He states, "there are other ways, besides outlawing liquor, to redesign the American fraternity").

If time, discuss students WTL responses. At the end of the discussion, collect these responses as process work for their first portfolio. You will need this writing sample to help you review their writing and their progress in the course in case you have a few students who need to be placed in CO130 or need Writing Center assistance.

Review the Portfolio I Assignment Sheet (10 minutes)

Have students take out and read their assignment sheet for Portfolio I. Ask them if they have any new questions/concerns. Tell them that they have now gained the tools to successfully complete this assignment and highlight any important requirements. You may also choose to review all Portfolio I materials that you plan to collect so students can start to organize their work and prepare to turn it in. If you have a workshop policy (i.e. paper grade is lowered for missed workshops), remind them of this as well.

Conclude Class and Assign Homework (3 minutes)

Write a conclusion for class. For example, you might conclude class by previewing what you will do in class on Monday.


  1. Read the following short articles available through E-reserve:

  2. Consider how these three articles (and the ones we're previously read) compliment or contradict one another. Then, write a 1 page agree/disagree response to Elmasry's argument (you may respond to any of his main points or arguments). Wherever possible, try to support your ideas with personal experience or material from other texts (outside material or texts we've read).

  3. Bring all three articles and your response to class.