Overview of Major Assignments in CO150

Sample Agree or Disagree Responses


Agree/Disagree Response to Frank's Article


I completely disagree with Frank's proposal to increase taxes for people who spend a lot of money. THAT IS SIMPLY RIDICULOUS! This is America ! We are free to spend money on whatever we feel like it. What does he want? Communism? I work hard for my money want to be able to spend it on whatever I want whenever I want and not have to worry that because I make more money than some schmuck who can't hold a job I will be taxed more. It's not my fault other people are poor.

For example, I work 25 hours a week at a local fast food restaurant in addition to going to school here at CSU. I come home smelly and tired but I feel good that I earned money. So when the weekend comes around and I want to go out with my friends and spend money, I feel I deserve it. Last summer, I saved enough money from my high school job (working at a landscape nursury) to buy a new truck to bring me here to CSU. Yes, my truck was expensive and I could have gone without some of the upgrades, but it's worth it! Now I can go and drive anywhere I want off-road and that's something a lot of people want to do but can't. So, In short, frank is really wrong. If we, as Americans, work hard for our dough, we should get to spend it however we want—extra tax-free.

Agree/Disagree Response to Krugman's Article


Paul Krugman's article “Money Can't Buy Happiness. Er, Can it?” discusses whether or not increased spending in the late 1990's is really beneficial to Americans. Krugman writes, “There are at least two reasons to question whether America 's consumption boom is really a good thing.” He then talks about the two reasons. One is that the average American family doesn't have personal savings and the second is that once people keep spending and spending, they won't be able to be satisfied anymore.

I agree with Krugman's ideas that not having savings anymore is a scary and potentially bad thing for Americans. My parents are able to pay for my tuition here only because they have been saving for my college plans since I was a baby. After four years, I will start working to help them pay for any time left I have here. I am very happy that my parents didn't overspend and are able to help me through college because I see a lot of my friends struggle with financial aid and jobs that take away from their time spent studying or having fun at college.

I disagree with Krugman's point about luxury-fever, though. I don't think we, as Americans, try to keep up with the neighbors, or the “Gateses” as Krugman calls it. Americans are all about themselves really. I think we only care what makes us happy and I know that's what I care about. I buy things because they make me feel good, not because my best friend has whatever. Commercials and the media try to make us buy things because of other people, but who listens to the media anyway?

In conclusion, I agree with Krugman and know that I will always try to save money for the future. But I also think that people only spend because they want to, not because they want to keep up with other people.