CO150 Portfolio Two: Inquiry Journal

CO150: Portfolio II - Inquiry Journal

Exploring Issues for Research and Argumentation

Purpose: The purpose of the Inquiry Journal is to familiarize you with various current, debatable issues so that you may choose whichever issue most interests you to research and write about. The work you do in this journal will set you up to for the Inquiry Essay (in Portfolio II) and the Argument Essay (in Portfolio III).

Audience: Your audience for this assignment includes yourself and this class. You will likely share some of your sources with other peers who choose to work on the same issue, so be sure to keep track of where you find your articles.

Requirements: The Inquiry Journal will consist of two parts. In Part I, you will explore various controversial issues (whichever you choose) by collecting, reading, and responding to articles from assigned newspapers and magazines. In Part II, you will choose one issue to work with for the remainder of the semester and familiarize yourself with the conversation surrounding that issue by collecting, reading and responding to arguments on it.

Format: Submit your journal in a pocket folder with your name on it. Include print copies of all 12 articles, as well as your summaries and responses to these articles. Each summary and response should be typed and stapled to the front of the corresponding article.

Paper Length: 900 - 1,200 words (3 - 4 pages)
Due Date: See Syllabus for due dates for TR and MWF
Worth: 10% of your final grade

Explore the following publications to obtain your articles for Part I of the Inquiry Journal. Rather than relying on just one or two publications, be sure to obtain articles from at least 5 of the publications below.


The New York Times
Washington Post
London Times
Ft. Collins Coloradoan
The Denver Post
The Rocky Mountain Collegian
Your Hometown Paper

Political Magazines

The Economist
The New Republic
The National Review
Atlantic Monthly