CO150 Portfolio One: Part C

C0CC150: Portfolio I - Part C

Summarizing, Analyzing and Responding to a Print Alcohol Advertisement

Purpose: Your purpose for writing this essay will be to define and analyze the features of an alcohol advertisement. By doing this, you should make your readers aware of "what the ad is saying" in addition to what it is selling. Ideally, your analysis should go beyond an obvious interpretation of the ad by examining its underlying assumptions and implications. An exceptional analysis will reveal something new or surprising - something casual viewers of the ad might overlook.

Audience: Your primary audience for this essay is college students at CSU. However, you should also consider your instructor and yourself as part of this audience.


  1. A detailed summary of the ad. In the summary you should include: where the ad was found, who it is targeting, what it is selling and whatever relevant details you think are necessary for a reader to fully imagine the ad. Make your summary engaging by paying attention voice and style. Use language, description, rhythm and tone to gain the interest of your audience (college students at CSU).

  2. A critical analysis of the ad. The analysis marks the beginning of your response. It addresses questions such as: What is the ad saying? What does it assume about its readers? What messages does the ad subtly communicate or imply through its use of content and composition? Begin your critical analysis with a clear thesis claim and support your claim with detailed observations from the ad itself.

  3. A response to your analysis. The response should discuss why your analysis is important. Why should readers care about your interpretation? Why does it matter? For example, do you advocate the messages from the ad? Or, are you critical of the ad's assumptions and implications? Strengthen your response with any relevant outside evidence (personal or textual).
Paper Length: 900 - 1,200 words (3 - 4 pages)
Due Date:See Syllabus for due dates for TR and MWF
Worth: 10% of your final grade

*For assistance with this essay, visit The Writing Center (in Eddy 6) or come by office hours.