Monday, October 10th

Monday, October 10th:  Daily Class Outline

Lesson Objectives

To continue to introduce Portfolio II. To help students understand the goal and definition of inquiry.

Connection to Course Goals:

The process if inquiry promotes critical thinking. By teaching students to seek answers to difficult research questions, we invite them to think in complex ways about debatable issues.

*Remind students that Wednesday’s class will meet in Morgan Library.

Answer Students' Questions about the Portfolio II Assignment. (5 minutes)

Either ask students about their questions, or better, do a short WTL with two questions: What are the key goals of this assignment and what questions do they have so far about the assignment and Portfolio II?

Small Group Exercise on Articles Found for Inquiry Journal (20 minutes)

Do a small group activity on the articles they have collected for their Inquiry Journal over the weekend. Put instructions on an overhead or on the board. Sample questions: In your group (of 3-4) share the article titles you have found so far. Have a recorder in each group write down article titles or subjects of the articles your groups have found so far. Ask the group to be prepared to discuss the articles and topics found so far. Which of these subjects might work best for the Portfolio II assignment? Why? After 7-10 minutes of sharing, have each group report to the class their findings.

Examine Sample Inquiry Essay (25 minutes)

Use one of the samples Inquiry essays provided in the appendix. After students read the sample, discuss how this essay differs from those they’ve previously written for this class. Be sure to emphasize the importance of process - the Inquiry Essay traces the process of research and thinking, thus they need to carefully document how their ideas take shape as they complete their research. How has the writer of the sample essay traced their own inquiry process? What was their research question? How did their sources shape their thinking? What claim did they finally arrive at?

Homework: (for Monday)

1.) Remember that there is no class on Friday (Department reading Days) unless you have scheduled your library visit then.

2.) Find 4 more articles to read from our designated list of publications.

3.) Print off and read the articles. Then, annotate them by addressing the following: Briefly summarize the article. What issue does the article address? How or why is this issue debatable? What is the article’s purpose? What are its main points? Then, explain why the article interests you and whether you agree or disagree with its main points.

4.) Bring your Inquiry Journal to class (you should have 6 articles and journal entries by Monday).

5.) Remind students that Wednesday’s class will meet in Morgan Library. (You could also plan to meet in Morgan Library next Friday, during Reading Days.)