Monday, October 24th

Monday, October 24th

Lesson Objectives:

To allow students to share their research articles with their group; to have students read other articles on their issue and respond to these in their Inquiry Journal.

Connection to Course Goals:

Today’s class highlights the value of collaboration and the writing process. By sharing research and completing additional journal entries, students come to see that their research, thinking and journal writing play an important role in the construction of their essay ideas.

Group Discussion of Articles (20 minutes)

In research groups, have students summarize the articles they read for today and discuss how they responded to these articles. Also, remind them to distribute copies of the articles to their group members (if they haven’t already sent them via email).

As students work in groups, you should check to see who provided their group members with the articles (via hard copy or email) and who was unprepared. Take note of this and award students accordingly.

Transition: Develop a transition here.

Read and Respond to Articles (20 - 25 minutes)

Students should now choose two other articles (of those provided by their group members) to read and respond to in their journal. One article should support their initial thinking and one should challenge it. For each article, ask them to respond to the following prompts in their journal (note: these will be the final two journal entries).

Review the Assignment Sheet for Portfolio II - Inquiry Essay (5 – 10 minutes)

Ask students to reread the assignment sheet. Address questions or concerns they have.


1.) Finish your final two journal entries (those you began working on in class today).

2.) Print off and read the sample Inquiry Essay; bring it to class.

** Note to GTAs: You will need to make another sample essay available to students through The Writing Studio. You will find sample essays in the appendix of the online syllabus.

3.) Read pages 639-643 in PHG on Evaluating Sources. Bring your PHG text to class.