CO150 College Composition: Daily and Weekly Lesson Plans

Introduction: 2005-2006 CO150 Lesson Plans

Welcome to the CO150 lesson plans. These plans are designed to support your teaching in CO150 College Composition, the required first-year composition course at Colorado State University. CO150 is equivalent to most "second-semester" composition courses at many universities. It focuses on academic writing (including summary, response, analysis, research and argument), source evaluation, and source-based writing. The course is heavily influenced by theories of rhetorical situation, emphasizing the writer's purpose, audience, choice of genres, and cultural context. It also relies heavily on technology, including the Writing Studio on Writing@CSU course management system and interactive "Writing Rooms" (

In addition to online resources, CO150 makes use of two print texts: the Prentice-Hall Guide, 7 th Edition, and selected articles on alcohol abuse from a variety of publications. As an instructor for the course, you will be provided with copies of the PH Guide and the articles.

This set of lesson plans covers all of the three Portfolios required in the course. Additionally, each lesson is conceptually linked to the course goals with a paragraph at the beginning. The first month of the course includes daily lesson plans for courses taught on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Tuesday-Thursday schedules. The detail and specificity of the lesson plans decreases as the semester progresses. The purpose of this arrangement is to encourage you to take ownership of the course through the development of your own lesson plans that meet the goals of the course and reflect your strengths and philosophies as a teacher.

Resources that support the teaching of CO150 are discussed in the following materials. In addition to materials found in the textbook, many of the resources are available on the composition section of the Writing@CSU web site ( Others are available in print form in the appendix of the hard-copy version of this set of lesson plans. You will also find the specific assignments for Portfolios I, II, and III.