Week 11: Monday, November 3rd - Friday, November 7th

Week 15:  Overview


Weekly Notes and Advice

You made it to the last week--congratulations!  The goals this week are to complete students' arguments for a public audience and to wrap up Portfolio 3.  You will need to decide when you are collecting the components of Portfolio 3 and how you are conducting the Final Exam (see Appendix).


Please remember to provide lesson and course connections each class day and to introduce and conclude your lessons along with providing transitions between activities.


Connection to Course Goals

This week culminates all we have done this semester.  The conclusion of Portfolio 3 wraps up students' learning and practice of revision, writing for multiple writing situations/writing as a series of choices, the use of visual rhetoric, and, perhaps most profoundly, marks students' joining of the conversation about a publicly debated issue for the course.  Students have now come full-circle in terms of the Great Circle of Writing and their understanding of the writing situations they have and will encounter.


Goals for this Week

  • Have students complete their arguments for a public audience.
  • Wrap up Portfolio 3.
  • Discuss the Final Exam:  meeting time, place, requirements, etc.
  • Have students complete their News Clippings Journals and collect them if you haven't already.


Required Readings and Assignments

Assign the following to students this week:

  • Complete your Argument for a Public Audience
  • Complete your News Clippings Journal
  • Prepare for the Final Exam