Day 6  Monday, September 8th

Wednesday, September 15:  Daily Class Outline

Lesson Objectives

Today we complete the final purpose for responding and have students do a mini-workshop for their responses.  We also have students read and comment on sample students writing to prepare them for writing their own final Academic Summary/Response papers.  And again, we continue to discuss articles from the New York Times to prepare students for Portfolio 2.


Connection to Course Goals

Seeing and commenting on other students' written work continues to build a writing community and foster the idea of a conversation of writers.  Students are joining the conversation on the issue of consumerism and consumption in America just as other students did in the past.  Furthermore, seeing the choices other students made in their final products foregrounds the writing situation and helps students make the most effective choices themselves.


A Possible Sequence of Activities for Today

1. Introduce class session and take attendance.  
2. Discuss news clippings and a few of the topical issues they’re seeing in their reading of the NYT. Activity Ideas:  Discussing NYT News Clippings
3. Complete a mini-workshop on students' Analytical/Evaluative responses. Activity Ideas:  Mini-Workshop for Analytical/Evaluative Responses
4. Discuss and workshop the student samples of Portfolio 1 Activity Ideas:  Sample Academic Summary/Response Papers
5. Help students choose the response they'll use for their Summary/Response essays. Activity Ideas:  Choosing a Response
6. Establish a conclusion for the class session and instruct students on where to access homework assignments from now on.

Activity Ideas:  Concluding and Assigning Homework


Assignment for Next Class Session

Assign the following to students:

  • Complete a rough draft of your Academic Summary/Response for Portfolio 1 for our full, in-class Workshop.  Bring a typed, printed draft with you for the next class session.

Additional Teaching Resources

It can be helpful at this point to consider Peter Elbow's distinction between two goals for writing:  writing to learn and writing to show what one has learned.  Check out Writing for Learning--Not Just Demonstrating Learning to help you wrap up the Summary and Response Essay for Portfolio 1.