Overview of Major Assignments in CO150




Summary/Response Essay



Writer's Name :______________________

Reader's Name :_____________________


Writer: Write two questions or concerns you'd like your partner to respond to on the back of this sheet.

Reader : Read through the writer's essay first without making any comments. Then read through the questions on the workshop sheet below. Address these questions when you re-read the essay, providing a thoughtful and detailed response.



1. Has the writer clearly identified the article and author in the summary? Has the writer provided the context of the article (publication, date, etc.)? If so, circle each of these. If not, note this in the margins.

2. Underline where the writer has identified the purpose and/or main idea of the article in the summary. Check the article to see that it is accurate and complete.

3. Identify the key points the writer has included in the summary. Which supporting points or key ideas should the writer expand on or add? Are there any points that seem unnecessary or unrelated to the overall point? Comment on these concerns in the margins.

4. Note places in the summary where the writer should use more quotes, textual evidence, and author tags (i.e. "Krugman argues that…").

5. Has the writer stayed objective in the summary? (Be careful of sneaky subjectivity like: “Zukin clearly points out…”)



6. Write down the writer's claim for h/er response. Then look back at the response and circle where the claim is stated. Explain to the writer how effective the placement of the claim is in the response (is it apparent from the beginning?). If the writer doesn't include a claim for the response, point this out.

7. How effectively does the claim act as a map for the reader? What might the writer do to make the claim more effective?

8. Label where the writer uses REASONS and EVIDENCE to support h/er response. Point out where the writer needs to develop more reasons and/or evidence to make the claim valid.

9. How clearly does the body of the response (development of reasons and evidence) connect back to the claim (focus)? Are there any surprises in the body? Is anything promised in the claim that isn't fulfilled? Explain.



10. Offer any suggestions you may have to improve the writer's focus, organization, or development. Rank/order your top three recommendations.

11. Note two strong points from the essay. Try to be specific (rather than just writing "good" or “it flows”). What is working well? Why?

12. Respond to questions or concerns the writer has for you.