Day 6 . Monday, September 8th

Monday, September 13:  Daily Class Outline

Lesson Objectives

Today we continue learning about the Analytical/Evaluative Response.  We also introduce the concept of "unpacking claims" which is an effective development tool. As with the previous sessions, we also hold students accountable for their reading of the newspaper by asking them to bring in three clippings on issues they find provocative.


Connection to Course Goals

We continue to expand students' repertoires of responses and reinforce the importance of focus and development .


A Possible Sequence of Activities for Today

1. Introduce class session and take attendance.  
2. Discuss news clippings and a few of the topical issues they’re seeing in their reading of the NYT. Activity Ideas:  Discussing NYT News Clippings
3. Finish discussing Analytic/Evaluative Response and apply it to Brooks' and Krugman's articles.  Activity Ideas:  Wrapping Up Analytical/Evaluative Concepts
4. Allow students time to freewrite on their Analytical/Evaluative Responses. Activity Ideas:  Freewriting
5.  Introduce students to the concept of unpacking their claims Activity Ideas:  Unpacking Claims
6. Establish a conclusion for the class session and instruct students on where to access homework assignment.

Activity Ideas:  Concluding and Assigning Homework


Assignment for Next Class Session

Assign the following to students:

  • Complete your Analytical/Evaluative Response and add a summary of the corresponding article to your response.  Print and bring a copy to class with you for the next session.
  • Read the student samples of Portfolio 1 Summary and Response Papers that are posted to File Sharing in the Writing Studio.
  • This week and next you should also keep an eye on the Letters to the Editor in the New York Times since we will be discussing that aspect of Portfolio 2 soon.

Additional Teaching Resources

Now that students are getting close to completing their first major paper, Arrangement and Form in Essays can provide you with extra ideas to help ensure their success.