Day 6  Monday, September 8th

Friday, September 24:  Daily Class Outline

Student-Teacher Conferences

Hold student-teacher conferences today.  During the conferences, which should last no longer than 10-15 minutes, answer the student's questions firstly.  But keep an eye out for major concerns that you will want to steer the student to improve/correct before the final due date.


Assignment for Next Class Session

Assign the following to students:

  • Finalize your Academic Summary/Response and Letter to the Editor.  Put your final drafts, along with all workshop and rough draft material into your portfolio folder to turn in the next class session.

Additional Teaching Resources

Student conferences has the potential to be very effective for many reasons or ineffective for just as many.  Syracuse's Tips for Planning Student Conferences and Florida State's Conferencing are excellent sources to help your conferences be the most beneficial for you and your students.