Overview of Major Assignments in CO150

Portfolio 2 Guidelines: 

Annotated Bibliography



Portfolio 2 Guidelines


Portfolio 2:  Annotated Bibliography


  Now that you have confirmed your issue and determined its importance in current society, the next step is to examine closely who is talking and writing about the issue and exactly what they are saying. In your Annotated Bibliography, you will consider closely the position each author takes when s/he writes about your issue and think critically about why s/he has taken that position. To do so, you will need to consider each writer's past experiences, cultural and social beliefs and values, predispositions and purposes for writing about your issue.

  It is important to foreground each of these aspects of a writer's position because you will begin to see an overlap of writers' positions based on certain shared experiences, common cultural and social beliefs and values, similar predispositions and aligned purposes for writing. Once you find the overlap, you can group certain writers together under collective approaches in the Issue Analysis (the next part of Portfolio 2).

  In short, the goal of the Annotated Bibliography is to become informed about your issue through research and to begin to critically see how individual writers' positions fit into the overall conversation going on about your issue today. Through this process, you will become an accountable member of the conversation about your issue, and this will prepare you for the final component of Portfolio 2 (the Issue Analysis).


Requirements: The audience for your Annotated Bibliography is our class. You will need to annotate each source completely by summarizing the text's main idea and purpose, indicating what the writer's background and purpose for writing are, and taking note of what values or beliefs the writer holds. You should also include a brief indication of how effective, credible or helpful the source is for your research.

The final draft of your Annotated Bibliography should include at least 10 out of the 15 sources you examine. It should also:

•  list each source consistently in MLA style.

•  be typed in a legible12-point font (it can be single-spaced).

•  although there is no set length for this type of bibliography, each annotation will most likely range from 300-500 words.


Due Date:


Grading:   The Annotated Bibliography is worth 35% of your grade for Portfolio 2. It will be graded on a +/- scale. The most effective Annotated Bibliography will include the necessary amount of sources, will amply describe each source's purpose and main idea(s) and the author's values, beliefs, and/or purposes. Each annotation will also respond briefly to the credibility of the source and will be consistent in and complete according to MLA style.