< Week 2: Tuesday, September 2<sup>nd</sup> - Friday, September 5<sup>th</sup>

Week 2: Tuesday, September 2nd - Friday, September 5th

Goals for this Week

·      Revisit the concept of summarizing. Review the notion of objectivity versus fairness and discuss the three types of summaries: main point, key point, and outline summaries.

·      Discuss the importance of purpose, audience and context for writing summaries.

·      Assign the full text of the primary source that launched the current debate on the SATs, specifically, Dr. Richard C. Atkinson’s speech to the American Council on Education, the transcript of which is available at the following web sites, which should be linked to your class page. You should also have a copy on e-reserve at the library: http://www.ucop.edu/pres/comments/satspch.html or http://www.ucop.edu/ucophone/commserv/sat/speech.html

·      Assign reading of two relatively short and quite distinctive reactions to Atkinson’s proposal, specifically Peter Sacks “SAT—A Failing Test” which was published in Nation, and Walter Willliams “Radicals Undermine College Admissions Criteria” published in Human Events. To access these articles, students will need instructions for getting SFX articles from the link on the library home page. (This process is actually pretty simple, but some students will have trouble, so be prepared to deal with their questions by being knowledgeable of how to access the sources yourself.)

·      Discuss effective use of paraphrasing and quoting. (See page 194 in PHG.)

·      Introduce the concept of responding. Describe the three types of response used in this course: agree/disagree, analytic/evaluative, interpretive/reflective. Encourage students to practice the response forms one at a time and then to combine them for the final paper/letter to the editor. You’ll find a discussion of these types of response in the teaching guide on summarizing and responding at https://writing.colostate.edu/guides/teaching/summaryresponse/.

·      Introduce the New York Times—its layout, features on certain days, productive ways to read it, initial searches for topics/issues of interest. Assignment of News Clip Journal— begin clipping articles of interest on debatable issues—10 total by the end of Portfolio 1. Make sure to record date and section/page. Paste onto notebook paper, one per page, perhaps in the same 3-ring binder you use for class notes and handouts. [Instructors: Consider beginning each class period with a new person in the room briefing the class on one of his or her articles. Also consider keeping your own News Clip Journal so that you can show examples of clippings to your class. Bring your copy of the Times to class every day and encourage students to do the same.]

Activities for this Week

Detailed lesson plans are available for the first four weeks of the course. Beginning in the third week you will be encouraged to take over the writing (or rewriting) of all introductions, conclusions, and transitions. Beginning in the fifth week, you will be expected to choose activities from a set of suggested activities and/or develop your own activities that will help you and your students achieve the course goals for a specific week.