< Portfolio 2: Personal Position Analysis

Portfolio 2: Personal Position Analysis

Overview: To understand the perspectives of those writing on your issue, it is useful to analyze the contexts (background or history, values, beliefs, affiliations, cultural context, etc.) of the writers, who will vary as individuals but may also show similarities to others who hold similar positions. As a way of grappling with the issue of context, begin your analysis of perspectives by examining your own. By applying a series of context questions to yourself, you should be able to see more clearly how context and background influence positions that people take on issues. By acknowledging your own vested interests (affiliations, beliefs, values, background, etc.), you may be better able to see understand other perspectives in the culture and the literature.

Purpose of the Analysis: To look closely and critically at your own context and thereby to develop the skills for applying similar analysis to outside sources and their origins.

Audience for the Analysis: Your instructor and classmates are the audience for this analysis.

In Your Folder Include: Your Topic Proposal, Your Worksheet for this Analysis, and the Final Draft of your Personal Position Analysis

Analysis Requirements: Answer the following questions. Then select a few of your responses and write a focused and developed analysis of your own context for reacting to the issue. The final Personal Position Analysis should be approximately 500 words.

Due Date: