< Portfolio 2: Conference Prep Sheet

Portfolio 2: Conference Prep Sheet

Please write answers to these questions before coming to your conference.

  1. The issue I’m discussing in my News and Issue Analysis is:
  2. The reason that I selected this issue is:
  3. My Personal Position Analysis revealed that my own views on this issue are probably influenced by:
  4. The basic shared perspectives or approaches that I’m seeing and describing in my single source position analyses and composite grid are:
  5. Referring to my composite grid and annotated bibliography, I believe that the following sources fit best with the shared perspectives defined above:
  6. The values, beliefs, affiliations, etc. that seem to underlie these shared perspectives or approaches are:
  7. I believe I’ll capture my audience’s attention at the beginning of my paper by….
  8. My concerns right now about writing the News and Issue Analysis are….