< CO150 Final Examination, 2003-2004

CO150 Final Examination, 2003-2004

Date and Time: December 16, 11:20 a.m.-1:20 p.m.

Locations to be arranged with Sue Russell approximately mid-term. She will contact instructors by email.

Please note that university rule prohibits graded events of value greater than 10% of the course grade conducted during the last week of classes. Therefore, this examination MUST be given during the final exam period.

The final examination asks students to write an extensive postscript to both the final arguing essay and the course. Remind students that they must submit (resubmit) their entire Portfolio 3 at the time of the final.

First, students will write a postscript to Portfolio 3 by annotating their Editorials. The annotations should identify and explain the changes they have made from the first arguing essay. Indicate to students the number of annotations you expect (probably not fewer than a half dozen) and the level of discussion or explanation.

Second, students should answer a reflective question or two about the course theme of writing as a “situated” or context-bound activity. These questions should probe their understanding of the importance of purpose and audience to effective writing.

Third, students should be asked to reflect on an especially controversial national news issue they saw emerging over the past 15 weeks as they read the New York Times. This topic should be a different issue than the one they discussed in Portfolios 2 and 3. Ask them to discuss the ways that this national debate exposed differences in values, beliefs, affiliations, attitudes, and/or perspectives held by U. S. citizens.

Special Note

Congratulations on completing your first semester of CO150. Have a great break.