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Special Edition


 Introduction to Phantasmagoria by Vince Adams

 "Reasons for Sailing: Traces of Artifice and its Use in 'Among School Children' and Meditations in Time of Civil War'" by Vincent Adams
 "The Influence of Japanese Noh Theater on Yeats" by Maren Sands
 "Yeats, Nationalism, and Myth" by Matthew Bell
 "Desire: Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It" by Javier Sepulveda
 "Crazy Yeats" by Rudy Bryan
  "Sailing to Obscurity: Mask & Self, Artifice & Eternity" by Jonathan Splittgerber
 "The Idea of Artifice in the Mood of William Butler Yeats’ Poetry" by Ryan Campbell
 "The Mask and the Self" by Lindy Spore
 "The Mutually Interdependent Relationship of Nature and Artifice" by Sarah Fallik
 "Yeats and Cuchulain" by Viviane Vasconcelos
 "Yeats and the 'Woman Question'" by Shelly Poehler

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