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Special Issue: William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens...................Spring 2003

Carol Cantrell
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Luann Barnes

BulletThe Enhancement of Static to Dynamic Images in Wallace Stevens - Thomas Cain

BulletThe Abstract Imagination: Decreating reality in “The Man with the Blue Guitar” - Brian Callahan

BulletPoetry that Acts What It Asserts: From Ideology to Experience in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens - Christine Christman

BulletThe Mentoring Relationships Among Marianne Moore, William Carlos Williams and Denise Levertov - Bonnie M. Emerick

BulletAhh, the Power of Negation: Wallace Stevens’ use of what is not to help us see what is - Jenna McWilliams

Bulletthe animal, walking, the city: The interpenetration of thought and body in William Carlos Williams’ Paterson - Margo Parasaka

BulletWhere Does It Hurt? An Exploration of the Impact of William Carlos Williams’ Vocation on His Avocation - Joel Potter

BulletSubject v. Object: The Condition of the Relationship Between Man and the World - Aaryn Richard

BulletSubjectivity, Objectivity, and the Différance Between: Recognizing the universal through particulars in William Carlos Williams’ “The Widow’s Lament in Springtime” - Rosa Salazar

BulletFrom the Pens of “Leaping” Poets: Parataxis as a “Leap” Between Robert Bly and Wallace Stevens - Kevin Ward
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