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Class Plan -- Unit One, Day 5

Discuss Response:

  1. Agree/disagree: "I agree with Shen that American discourse reflects American culture because..." OR
  2. Interpret/reflect: "Coleman's experiences as an overweight person were very difficult for me to read because I remembered how difficult it was for me growing up as a fat child, and how horribly I was treated by others."
  3. Analyzing the effectiveness of the article: "Shen had some valuable arguments, but his organization of the essay into sections distracted me from his narrative, thus making his points less effective."
*and, of course, all of these would be fully developed and filled with concrete examples. HOME WORK: read "Heard Any Good Jews Lately" by Thomas Friedmann; post to the Web -- Discuss some of the prejudices you have encountered either because of your race or religion or your economic class, etc. absences: notes: