Writing@CSU: Composition Teaching Resources

Week 4: Monday, September 16th - Friday, September 20th

Goals for this Week

  • Discuss the role of an overall claim in a response. Explain how an effective overall claim is both appropriate for the length of an essay and how it can help students “map out” a response. Your discussion should help students move beyond generalized responses and begin thinking about how an overall claim reflects their purposes, focuses their response, and helps shape an organizational structure for their essay.
  • Review portfolio requirements for essay one and address student concerns about meeting those requirements. Reinforce students’ understanding of what is involved in writing an effective summary/response essay.
  • Review peer review techniques and conduct workshops on students’ responses to  Bailey’s essay and on their rough drafts of their final summary/response essay.

Activities for this Week

Detailed lesson plans are available for the first four weeks of the course. Beginning in the fifth week, you will be expected to choose activities from a set of suggested activities and/or develop your own activities that will help you and your students achieve the course goals for a specific week.