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Portfolio 2: Annotated Bibliography

Overview: To complete this assignment, you will read at least 15 sources on the issue you plan to analyze. Then, you will choose at least 10 of these sources to annotate and arrange into different approaches.

Purposes for this Bibliography: To become informed on your issue; to begin considering the various positions and approaches writers take in writing about this issue.

Audience: Write your bibliography for yourself and for your instructor.

Portfolio Content: Please submit your annotated bibliography in a folder clearly labeled with your name and email address. Your portfolio should include:

  • The final draft of your annotated bibliography. You may use single or 1.5 spacing since this is not in essay form.
  • The final draft of your audience exploration report.
  • Your interview or survey questions
  • A record of responses to your questions
  • Printed copies of your topic proposal and my reactions to it

Bibliography Requirements: There is no required length for the bibliography, but it will most likely range from 500 to 750 words. In it, you should:

  • List each source using MLA or APA guidelines
  • Follow each citation with three to five sentences summarizing the writer’s purpose and the main points from their argument.
  • Group the sources into at least three different approaches. (Suggestion: It may be easiest to annotate the sources first, before clumping them into approaches. Then, look for common threads that cut across individual sources. Think about grouping ones that have similar purposes for writing, similar values and beliefs, or similar backgrounds. Once you’ve narrowed ten positions into a few approaches, cut and paste each annotation into its proper group.)
  • Label each approach with a title or a description.