Class Pages: An Overview

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Writing Studioclass pages support courses by providing an online space where you can share course materials, providing communication tools that allow you to communicate with members of your class, providing online cloud storage for your work with helpful activities to improve your work, and offering tools that you and your instructors can use to carry out the normal work of the class. These tools include course calendars and course syllabi, class assignments and materials, links to related resources, blogs and ePortfolios, group tools, wikis, and a gradebook. Depending on how your instructor has designed the class, you might have access to all or only some of the tools available through the class pages.

The pages in this part of the Help provide you with information about the types of tools and resources you might have access to through your class page.

To view your classes on your Writing Studio Personal Page:

  1. Log in to the Writing Studio
  2. Click the My Page button in the main menu.
  3. Click the Classes Taken link in the View section of your navigation menu.
  4. Click the link title of the course you wish to view.

Accessing a Class

Your Classes Page