Delete and Undelete Wiki Pages

To delete a page from a wiki, select the "Manage this Page" option from the main menu of that page.

Managing a Wiki

On the resulting page, go to the "Advanced Options" tab. Click on the "Delete this Page" link.

The Advanced Options Tab

This will open a pop-up window that asks "Do you want to delete this page?" and if the answer is "yes," simply click the "Delete" button. If not, click "Cancel."

Delete Confirmation

To undelete a wiki page, select "Manage this Page/Wiki" from any page in the wiki. Then select the "View Deleted Pages" link from in the "Advanced Options" tab of the resulting management page.

Viewing Deleted Pages

This will open a pop-up window where you can view all the pages previously deleted from the wiki, if there are any. Click on the title (which is also a link) of the page you want to undelete.

The Deleted Pages Window

This will refresh the pop-up window and show you the content of the deleted page. To undelete the page, click the "UnDelete this Page" button. This will restore the page and add a link to it on the main wiki page. Otherwise, click "Close this Window."

Restoring a Page