Class Materials and Web Links

Two other resources you may have available to you as a student in a Writing Studio class are class materials and web links.

Class Materials and Web Links

To view any materials your instructor has posted to your Writing Studio class site, click the Materials icon or link.

Selecting Class Materials

These materials show up as a list on the left side of the page, and any of the material titles are hyperlinks, so clicking on any of the titles will open that item.

The Class Materials Page

Each item includes a right side options menu that has a link to a print friendly version, as well as showing the date it was added to the site and when it was last updated.

The Materials Options Menu

To view the class web links, click on the Web Links icon or link.

Selecting Class Web Links

Instructors can either add individual links to a long master list, or they might create folders for groups of similar links.

The Class Web Links Page

Clicking on a link folder will display a list of all the links in that folder. Clicking on an individual link will open that site in a pop-up window.

Accessing a Web Link

As mentioned elsewhere, you should keep in mind that each class layout and available features will differ, depending on how your specific instructor has set up your class. For example, some class layout designs use icons as links to class features, while others use simple text links.