Using the Class Gradebook

If your instructor is using the gradebook feature and has set it so that students can view their grades, it can be accessed from the main page of your Writing Studio class. Simply click on the Gradebook icon or link.

Accessing the Gradebook

On the main page of your Gradebook, you will see a section listing "Assignments" on the left. In the center column, there is a section for "Percentage" which gives the percentage of your final grade that the assignment or assignment category represents. The column on the right will list a grade.

The Gradebook

There may or may not be a final course grade listed in your gradebook view. Often instructors will hide the course grade until the semester has ended and the final course grades have been awarded.

The gradebook view is limited to the user who is currently logged in, so there is no need to worry that other students might see your grades when they look at the gradebook.

The grade type your instructor can use in the gradebook is either a letter grade scale (ABCDF), a 100 point scale, or a total points scale.

Your instructor has the option to add a comment to any of the grades listed. If he or she has added a comment, it will show up as a light blue conversation bubble to the right of your grade. Clicking on this bubble will open a popup window with your instructor's comments.

The Comment Button

The Comment