Manage Linked Pages

On this page:

To access the wiki's related pages management tab
To remove or stop displaying a link to an individual wiki page
To create a link between wiki pages
To create a new page

To access the wiki's related pages management tab:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the Wikis icon
  4. Accessing Your Wikis

  5. Choose the wiki you wish to customize from the available list
  6. Select Manage from the navigation menu options
  7. Click the Manage this Page/Manage Wiki link
  8. Managing Your Wiki

  9. Select the Related Pages tab
  10. In the Related Pages tab, you can remove or create links between the current page and other available wiki pages, as well as Create a New Page.

    The Related Pages Tab

To remove a link to a page from the current wiki page:

  1. Click the Remove Link link next to the page title you wish to remove under the Currently Linked Pages section

  2. Removing a Link

  3. The page is now listed under Link to Another Page. If you change your mind and decide to re-create the link, click Create Link.

Note: Removing a linked page does not delete it from the wiki. It simply removes the link that is shown on an individual page. If you want to delete a page completely, go to the Advanced Options tab and choose the Delete this Page option under Delete and Undelete section.

To create a link between the current page and another page in the wiki:

  1. Click Create a Link in the Link to Another Page section. The linked page is now listed in the Currently Linked Pages section

  2. Adding a Link

To create a new wiki page:

  1. Click on the Create New Page link

  2. Creating a New Page

  3. Enter the new page's title and content
  4. Select whether to display a link to the new page on the wiki's main page, link to the current page, and/or create a link back from the new page to the current page (as available)
  5. Click the Save Page button when you are finished
  6. Creating a New Page