Manage Currently Displayed Files

On this page:

To access the wiki's file folder management tab
To remove or stop displaying a file in an individual wiki page
To rename a file
To delete a file from a wiki

To access the wiki files management tab:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the Wikis icon
  4. Accessing Your Wikis

  5. Choose the wiki you wish to customize from the available list
  6. Select Manage from the navigation menu options
  7. Click the Manage this Page/Manage Wiki link
  8. Managing a Wiki

  9. Select the Related Files tab
  10. The Related Files Tab

The management options for files currently displayed on the page are to Remove the file from the page, Rename the file, or Delete the file from the wiki, and to manage the display order of the files.

File Options

To remove a file:

  1. Click the remove link next to the file you wish to remove under the Currently Displayed Files section

  2. Removing a File

A pop-up window will open that asks the question Are you sure you want to stop displaying this file, [file name], on this page?

  1. If the answer is yes, choose Remove File
  2. If you decide not to stop displaying the file, choose Close this window. This will close the pop-up window without removing the file from the page.
  3. Remove Confirmation

Note: This will only remove the file from the current wiki page. It will no longer be displayed or accessible from the page it was removed from, but it will still be in the wiki's Available Files. If you want to delete a file completely, you must be either the person who has added the file or a course instructor, and then you must choose the Delete option.

To rename a file:

  1. Click the Rename link for that file

    Renaming a File

  2. Update the file's name
  3. Click the Rename button to finish the process or click Close This Window to cancel the renaming of the file
  4. Rename Confirmation

To delete a file:

  1. Click the Delete link for that file in the Currently Displayed Files or Available Files section.

    Deleting a File

A pop-up window will open that asks the question Are you sure you want to delete this file, 'File Name'?

  1. Click the Delete File button to delete the file or click Close this Window to keep the file in the wiki
  2. Delete Confirmation

Note: Deleting this file will remove the file from the Writing Studio server and it will no longer show on any pages in this wiki. If you only want to stop displaying this file on the current page, please use the Remove option.