Using Your Calendar

From the Wiki main page, click the Calendar icon.

Your Calendar

This takes you to Wiki Calendar, which shows the current month. From this page you can either move to another month or year, or you can add an entry to the calendar.

Your Calendar

To move to another month or year on the calendar, simply select that month or year using the drop down menus, (which you access by clicking on the arrow to the right of either the month or year). Once you have selected the date and year you want, simply click on the Go button. Or you can move ahead or back by one month by clicking on the forward or back arrows located to the right of the Go button.

Changing Time

To add an entry to your calendar, click the Add an Entry button. This will take you to a page where you can add your entry by giving it a title, selecting the start and end dates (which will be the same date if you want your entry listed only once and on a single date on the Calendar), and type in your entry in the Description section of the text editor.

Adding an Entry

When you are finished, simply click one of the Add Entry to Calendar Buttons.

Confirm Entry

To view an entry to your calendar, simply find that entry and click the title, (which is a link to the entry).

Viewing Entries

From this page, each entry gives you a right side options menu where you can either update or delete the entry.

Your Entries