Create an ePortfolio from a Template

To create an ePortfolio using a template created by one of your instructors:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Your Classes tab
  3. Locate Your Classes

  4. Select the appropriate course
  5. Select the ePortfolio icon (note: this will not be the icon in the Writing Tools area but rather in the list of course options designated by your instructor)
  6. Click on the Create an ePortfolio link
  7. Creating a Class Portfolio

    The resulting page will inform you of the available templates or if your instructor hasn't yet created an ePortfolio template.

    No Available Templates

  8. Click the Use this Template button for the ePortfolio template you wish to use
  9. Use Specific Template

    Making your selection will take you to the main page of your newly created portfolio.

  10. Add files, create pages, and customize the look of your ePortfolio

Note: Your ePortfolio is shared with your class automatically when created.