Publish or Share an ePortfolio

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To access the share and publish options for your ePortfolio:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the ePortfolio icon
  4. Accessing Your ePortfolios

  5. Choose the ePortfolio you wish to update from the available list
  6. Select Manage the Portfolio from the Options menu
  7. Managing an ePortfolio

  8. Select the Publishing|Sharing|Advanced options tab
  9. The Publishing and Sharing Tab

  10. Click on the Control Who Can View this ePortfolio link in the Publishing and Sharing section
  11. The Publishing and Sharing Tab

    From the main Share Your ePortfolio page, manage the publication and shared status of your ePortfolio under these categories: Published, Shared with Classes, Shared with Wikis, and Shared with Individuals.

    Managing Portfolio Access

To publish your ePortfolio (making it available to anyone who can access the Web):

  1. Click the Change link next to Published: No to change the publishing status of the ePortfolio to Published: Yes. Clicking it again will return it to Published: No.

    Publish Status

To share your ePortfolio with a Writing Studio Class or Wiki:

  1. Select the Manage link

    Managing Class Access

You will be provided with a list of Classes or Wikis available.

  1. Click the Share with this Class/Wiki or Remove from this Class/Wiki link as appropriate
  2. Class Access

To share your ePortfolio with Individuals:

  1. Click the Manage link next to Share with Individuals
  2. Managing Individual Access

  3. Search for the writer by last name or email address
  4. Searching for Individuals

  5. Find the correct writer and click on the Share link
  6. Giving Individual Access

To remove an Individual's access to your ePortfolio:

  1. Click the Manage link next to Share with Individuals

  2. Click the Remove link to the right of the name
  3. Removing Individual Access