Banner Image

On this page:
To choose a preset image or no image
To upload and use your own image

To customize the header banner image:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the ePortfolio icon
  4. Accessing Your ePortfolios

  5. Choose the ePortfolio you wish to customize from the available list
  6. Select Manage the Portfolio from the Options menu
  7. Managing Your ePortfolio

  8. Select the Portfolio Appearance tab
  9. The Appearance Tab

  10. Click on the Choose an Image for the Portfolio Banner link
  11. Choosing an Image

  12. Select a banner image from the provided image set or choose Do Not Use a Banner Image if you wish for the area to remain without an image.
  13. Options

To add your own image as the header banner image:

  1. Click on the Upload a Custom Image link
  2. Choose the Browse button and locate the image you wish to use (some cropping may be required)
  3. Custom Images

    Your ePortfolio is now using the new custom banner image.

    New Image