Display Existing Pages

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To manage the display order of ePortfolio pages
To add or remove the link from any ePortfolio page

After creating a new ePortfolio page (see Create a New Portfolio Page), you have the option to display a link to the page on the ePortfolio main page or link it to another one of the ePortfolio's related pages.

    Displaying on the Main Page

    To manage the display order of ePortfolio pages:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the ePortfolio icon
  4. Accessing Your ePortfolios

  5. Choose the ePortfolio you wish to customize from the available list
  6. Select Manage the Portfolio from the Options menu
  7. Managing Your ePortfolio

  8. Select the Related Pages tab
  9. Click the Manage Display Order link under the Currently Linked Pages section
  10. The Related Pages Tab

  11. Choose either Option 1: Display by... which allows you to organize the pages alphabetically or based on when the pages were created or Option 2: Use a Custom Display which allows you to order the pages numerically
  12. Click the Choose Option 1 or Choose Option 2 button after you made your choice or choose Close This Window to cancel the ordering process
  13. Changing Display Order

To add/remove the link from any ePortfolio page:

  1. Click the Create Link or Remove Link link next to the page name to associate pages with one another
  2. Adding or Removing Links