Rename, Display, or Delete Files

To Remove, Rename, Display, or Delete Files:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the ePortfolio icon
  4. Accessing Your ePortfolios

  5. Choose the ePortfolio you wish to modify from the available list
  6. Select Manage the Portfolio from the Options menu
  7. Managing Your ePortfolio

  8. Select the Related Files tab
  9. Find the file you wish to modify from the list
  10. Click on the appropriate link (Remove, Rename, Display, or Delete)
  11. The Related Files Tab

    For example, to delete a file, click on the Delete link below the file name.

    Deleting a File

  12. Choose Delete File or Close This Window in the pop-up window that asks Are you sure you want to delete this file? to complete your choice

Delete Confirmation

Warning: Deleting a file will remove the file from the Writing Studio server and it will no longer show on any pages in the ePortfolio. If you only want to stop displaying this file on the current page, please use the Remove option.