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Use the following links to learn about how to use the ePortfolio Tool.

Additional Information
Find Learn how to Find Information on this Site
Vision Learn about the Writing Studio Vision
About Site View information About this Site
Getting Started
Using the ePortfolio Tool: An Overview
Viewing Your ePortfolios
Creating a New ePortfolio
Creating an ePortfolio from an Instructor Template
Managing ePortfolios
Managing Your ePortfolios: An Overview
Updating Your ePortfolio
Publishing or Sharing an ePortfolio
Deleting an ePortfolio
Customizing ePortfolios
Customizing an ePortfolio: An Overview
Choosing Preset Themes and Page Layouts
Choosing a Color Scheme
Choosing a Font Scheme
Choosing a Banner Image
Managine Contact Info
Managing ePortfolio Files
Managing Files: An Overview
Adding a File
Viewing a File
Renaming, Displaying, or Deleting Files
Managing ePortfolio Pages
Managing Pages: An Overview
Creating a New ePortfolio Page
Displaying Existing Pages
Updating Pages
Adding a File to an ePortfolio Page
Removing a File from a Page
Linking to Another Page
Deleting a Page