Outline Tool: An Overview

The Outline Tool can be accessed by viewing your personal page and clicking on the "Outline" icon or title link in the Writing Tools area.

The Outline Tool

Use this page to create an outline and link sources and notes to entries in the outline. On the main Outline Tool page, you'll find your current folder and the change current folder option, a main options menu, and your current outline (if you've made any entries).

The Main Outline Page

The main options menu on the Outline Tool main page allows you to control your source, notes, and ideas display options, as well as including a link to a print-friendly version of your outline.

The Main Options Menu

If you haven't yet created an outline in this folder, you will see a "Create an Entry" link. If you have created an outline, you will see a "Add New First Line" link.

First Options

Each entry also has a right side options menu which gives you access to "Add Entry Below," "Update," "Link Sources," "Link Notes," "Link Ideas," and "Delete."

Entry Options