Send a Draft to the Writing Center

To send a draft to the Writing Center, click on the "Send a Draft" link on the main Getting Feedback page.

Sending a Draft

This will take you to a page with an email form and directions for sending a draft. Also included on this page is a link to the "Online Draft Submission FAQs."

The Email Form

To send your writing to a writing consultant, complete the form. Drafts will not be commented on unless every question is answered. The first two steps here are to "Write Your Email Message" and "Answer the Following Questions," (these ask you to "Explain the Assignment Specifics," "Describe How We Can Help," and "Help us develop a better sense of the population of writers we are serving with our 'Send a Draft to a Consultant' feature").

Attach the file containing your draft. You can use the browse button to find the file on your computer. Select the file and then click the "open" button.

Attaching a File

Click on the "Email Your Essay" button at the bottom of the page.

Emailing Your Draft