Contributors to the Help Pages

Help System, Version Five: In 2011, the team from Colorado State University's Institute for Learning and Teaching (Barbara Maynard, Jeremy Proctor, Amanda Purnell, Justin Switzer, and Mike Palmquist) joined forces with a group of faculty and graduate students from the University of California at Irvine (Lynda Haas, Elizabeth Bevans, Elaina Taylor, and Abraham Romney) to create the current help system. This work involved a major change to the interface, extensive new content development, and the creation of video help files. Reid Palmquist joined the project during the summer and brought the images used in the help pages up to date.

Help System, Version Four: In 2010 and early 2011, efforts were undertaken to update the Help pages to reflect the site interface, adopted in 2010, and major updates to tools on the Writing@CSU site, particularly to the Blogs, ePortfolios, Wikis, and Class pages. Writers and video developers involved in the development project included Barbara Maynard, Jeremy Proctor, Amanda Purnell, Justin Switzer, and Mike Palmquist, all associated with Colorado State University's Institute for Learning and Teaching.

Help System, Version Three: Jill Salahub developed the third version of the help pages. She substantially expanded the help system and recorded a new set of Camtasia videos. Importantly, she also created two new versions of the help pages, one set showing screen captures and the other providing text only (for accessibility purposes). In 2010, she updated some text versions of the help pages.

Help System, Version Two: The help pages and videos for Writing Studio were originally created and narrated by Mike Gould. Mike is a senior associate with Margo Research Associates, Inc., and a research coordinator / adjunct faculty member at Colorado State University (CSU).

Help System Prototype: The Writing Studio help system prototype was designed, written, and coded by Jared Tomlin during the Spring of 2004. Jared was at that time a graduate student in the Department of English and an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He left to continue his duties with the Air Force when he completed his Master's degree.