Update or Delete a Blog Entry

To delete a blog entry

To update a blog entry:

  1. Go to the My Page tab
  2. Locate the Writing Tools area
  3. Select the Blogs icon
  4. Accessing the Blogs

  5. Click the blog title you wish to update
  6. Select the entry ("post") you wish to update.
  7. Select Update this Entry from the Options menu
  8. Updating an Entry

  9. Edit the title and text of your blog entry
  10. Click the Update Entry button
  11. Updating an Entry

To delete a blog entry:

  1. Select Delete this Entry from the Options menu
  2. Deleting an Entry

  3. Click the Delete this Blog Entry link

A pop-up window will open that asks the question Are you sure you want to delete this Blog Entry?

  1. If the answer is yes, choose Delete
  2. If you decide not to delete the blog entry, choose Cancel. This will close the pop-up window without deleting the blog entry.

Delete Confirmation