Bibliography: An Overview

Use the Bibliography Tool to keep track of the sources you collect as you work on a writing project. You can annotate, evaluate, and take notes on your sources. You can also copy sources to and from your folders. The Bibliography Tool can be accessed by viewing your personal page and clicking on the "Bibliography" icon or title link in the Writing Tools area.

Accessing the Bibliography Tool

On the main Bibliography Tool page, you'll find your current folder and the change current folder option, a main options menu, and your current working bibliography (if you've entered any sources) formatted according to your display preference.

The Main Bibliography Page

The main options menu on the Sources feature main page allows you to "View Bibliography," "Add a New Source," "Citation Style," "Source Order," and "Copy to Another Folder."

The Main Options Menu

Each source entry listed also has its own right side options menu which allows you to "View Source Text," "Copy to Another Folder," and "Delete," as well as listing the date the source was originally added and when it was last updated.

The Source Options Menu

Use the Source Notes feature to work with notes on your sources. The main options menu on the Source Notes feature main page allows you to make changes to the "Citation Style," "Source Order," and "Notes Order." Click on a source to view, create, update, and delete notes.

The Source Notes Feature