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Appendix 15: A Self-evaluation for Teachers

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If you are not sure whether your classroom is conducive to successful learning, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Do I create a climate that welcomes each new learner?
    2. Would I feel welcome here if I were new to the class?
    3. Is the classroom safe?
    4. Are students encouraged or discouraged from making fun of each other or criticizing each others' choice of questions, their writing, or their manner of speaking?
    5. What is my comfort level with the ethnic, racial, and gender groups in my class?
    6. If I am uncomfortable with some groups of students, do I tend to overlook negative interactions among students?
    7. Do I avoid using analogies, metaphors, or jokes that might be offensive to some learners?
    8. Do I take complaints and concerns of learners seriously, rather than ignoring them?
    9. Do I show that I value the contributions of each student?
    10. Do I model the way I want my students to treat each other?