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Appendix 14: Essay Test Taking Strategies

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Although giving timed essay tests is not common practice in our composition classes, students are nonetheless apt to face these kinds of tests in other classes. Students who have visited the Resources for Disabled Students Office know that they can get extra time for these tests, but often students also need ideas for how to approach them, even with the extra time. Here are some ideas to pass on to your students:

Short answer/multiple choice:

-- eliminate the answers you know are wrong

-- deep breathe to relax, and write or circle the answer you feel is correct

-- look for the answer hidden in another question on the test.

Essay Tests:

Studying for essay tests:

  1. Spend some time DESCRIBING what you should do to get ready to study for the test.
  2. OUTLINE the five-day study plan.
  3. SUMMARIZE the things you should do when taking any test.
  4. PREDICT the way the questions on the test might be written. You might practice writing the test questions yourself.

Taking the test: